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This special promotion gives you access to the entire Q1 and allows you to give TSOB a test drive to see for yourself what all the buzz is about.

You will take a deep dive into the PROCESS of learning all of the layers of the science of boxing.  Essential Footwork, Punch logistics, Defense, Inside Fighting, Counter Punching, Sparring and more await you!



Perfect for the more experienced Coach

or Fighter that is active in competitions &

tournaments or Coaches Pro Fighters

Access to Fundamental & 

Advanced Curriculums.



Perfect for the novice Coach or Fighter, Personal Trainers wanting to add Boxing to their services, parents wanting to learn how to teach their kids, those wanting to learn the science of Boxing for the first time and get in shape.

Emphasis is on mastering the essential fundamentals of:  Footwork, Punch Logistics, Offense, Defense, Inside Fighting & Sparring.  You will be able to progress through Semester 1 of Q2.

*You are eligible to upgrade at any time.

OR $97.97/mo


*After you make your payment to become officially enrolled, you will receive your TSOB Orientation materials to get you prepped & ready for your first day in The School Of Boxing.

**Membership is for a minimum of 1 year's tuition to The School Of Boxing. 

***Membership automatically renews after 12 month.


Once we receive notification of your payment, we will send you a direct email to your inbox with instructions of how to get started.  Please note that sometimes there is a slight delay between the time you submit your payment and we receive notification. If you have any questions or have not received your confirmation email with instructions, please contact Master Boxing Director, Staci Cloninger directly at staci@masterboxingllc.com


In the event you do not wish to continue your membership during your first 7 days of your membership, you may apply your payment towards the digital download of your choice and receive a 30% discount.

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